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Pattern surrounds us - nature abounds with organic as well as geometric patterns. The ebb and flow of the tides have their own rythyms, a form of pattern.As humans, we are naturally drawn to find patterns in our lives and often seek them out unconsciously.

They give us comfort and security and yet can also create dynamic tensions in the repeating contrast of clashing forms. Pattern in all its forms has unity as its over-riding theme.

Having been both teacher and designer, I see pattern as one of the most fundamental and intriguing of all the principles of design.

I have been involved with designing patterns for over 20 years. Graduating with a degree in surface pattern design from Syracuse University, I began working in a variety of textile industries and then later, as a design consultant in home furnishings.

I have created designs for placemats, table linens, throws, plates and juvenile products with extensive experience in cut and sew product development in home fashions.

I have designed marketing materials such as logos, posters and business cards as well as websites.

I also work privately with students and adults in  exploring art. I enjoy working with young and old alike to inspire and advocate for  keeping the arts as an integral part of our educational system.

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